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Linturi: This is What I Meant On Madoadoa In Eldoret, Ruto, Azimio, UDA

While addressing the UDA rally at Eldoret, I expressed myself using words which in certain context, have acquired sinister political overtones and come to be associated with incitement and hate speech.

At that moment, I was vigorously urging our supporters to offer full support to UDA candidates in this year’s election, and was oblivious of the possibility that my choice of words might assume negative meaning.

It is true that words like ‘madoadoa’, whilst otherwise innocent and legitimate expressions, have in certain contexts come to be understood as representing inflammatory intent. This context did not occur to me while I was speaking.

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I must point out that my use of these words was in specific reference to our Parliamentary colleagues from Uasin Gishu County, who do not support UDA, and whom I urged voters to reject in favour of UDA candidates, given that we are in a political contest, and they are our rivals.

On further reflection, and upon the advise of my colleagues, I regretfully concede that my choice of words was unfortunate. I therefore apologise, unreservedly, for the discomfort they may have created.

I also take this opportunity to assure all Kenyans of my commitment, both as a citizen and as a leader, to national unity, peace, and cohesion within and among all communities.

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Hon. Mithika Linturi.
Senator, Meru County.

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