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REVEALED: Mystery surrounding the raid of Jimi Wanjigi’s office by armed officers at night .

Businessman and politician Jimi Wanjigi is now blaming President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga for the raid carried out at his offices on Monday night by armed officers believed to be DCI detectives.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital after the night operation, Wanjigi said the incident was politically orchestrated due to his political stand and more so, remarks he made over the weekend where he castigated Odinga accusing him of dishonesty.

“I tend to believe that it has a lot to do with what I said over the weekend and maybe they have some information of the kind of campaign I intend to launch. But this weekend I was very clear about various personalities and it seems to be making some of my friends very uncomfortable,” he said.

Wanjigi accused the Head of State of violating the Constitution to silence political opponents.

“Why are they so uncomfortable with my candidature? Why…? he posed.

“Let them just come out and say it. Uhuru Kenyatta just come out and say it. And to imagine that my friend Raila… Raila Amolo Odinga whom I was almost killed for, is sitting with him (Uhuru) somewhere probably enjoying this spectacle is the saddest thing of all,” said Wanjigi.

Wanjigi, who has declared intention to vie for the Presidency in the upcoming August elections, vowed that he would not be intimidated, adding that Monday’s raid mirrored a similar incident where his house was raided by police during the 2017 election season.

“They tried this in 2017 and they failed… It is the same sought of games where they are trying to intimidate me. Some people are uncomfortable with my politics or with the way I speak… I speak nothing but the truth and I don’t think there is anything wrong with speaking the truth,” he added.

On what transpired during the raid, Wanjigi says DCI detectives arrived at his Kwacha Group of Companies offices in Westlands, Nairobi and demanded to personally see him.

After gaining access into the premises, the armed officers reportedly declined to address his lawyers and instead ordered that he accompanies them to record a statement without disclosing what the matter was about.

“This evening at around 9.30 we were told that CID are at the gate. They were asked what they want and they said they just want me. They were asked whether they can see a lawyer and they said No.

“They got in, opened the gate and surrounded the compound. They were disguised from head to toe and were carrying assault rifles. They were telling two of my lawyers who had arrived that they want me to go to CID to write a statement. We don’t know a statement for what,” he added.

Wanjigi has in the recent past been on a collision path with ODM insiders over his perceived aggressive push to popularise his candidature at the expense of the party interests.

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