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PUTIN: Don’t impose more sanctions on us, We have no ill intentions against our neighbours

President Putin has warned those opposing Russia’s actions in Ukraine “not to exacerbate the situation” by imposing more restrictions on his country.

The Russian president was speaking at a government meeting broadcast on the state-controlled Rossiya 24 news channel.

“We have no ill intentions against our neighbours,” Putin claims.

And he says his government sees “no need” for its neighbours to take further action that will “make our relations worse”.

“I think everyone must think about how to normalise relations, co-operate normally and develop relations normally,” he adds.

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It comes as foreign ministers from across the West gather in Brussels to consider how to maintain pressure on Russia.

Putin also repeats his previous claim that all action taken by the Russian military so far has been made “exclusively in response to some unfriendly actions against the Russian Federation”.

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