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Zimbabwean inventor, Maxwell Chikumbutso develops TV that doesn’t need a power cable, Is that even possible? (VIDEO)

Renowned Zimbabwean inventor Maxwell Chikumbutso has reportedly created a radio-frequency powered television.

This means that there is no power cable and the TV is powered purely by radio waves similar to WiFi and Bluetooth.

“With an RF-powered generator embedded on a TV set, it is now possible for many people to enjoy watching TV whilst they are off-grid. For me, this started off as a dream in 2003, but today it’s now a reality. We have successfully developed a solution that powers televisions, smartphones, laptop computers, fridges just to name a few.

“Goodbye to electric wired home appliances. Welcome to the future with the world’s first Free Energy powered 55″ UHD Samsung TV. The dawn of wireless self-powered gadgets is here!” Maxwell Chikumbutso via The Herald

The concept isn’t new because Samsung debuted a radio-frequency powered TV remote at CES 2022 which also has a small solar panel on the back.

However, what Maxwell Chikumbutso has done, if true, could mean that conventional electrical infrastructure is a thing of the past because it will all be antenna arrays.

TVs, smartphones and all other devices will be radio frequency powered

But is this even possible? Yes!


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