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Elon Musk Hints Egyptian Pyramids Were “Obviously” Built By Aliens

Regardless of what you think about Elon Musk, one thing is for sure: the eccentric billionaire entrepreneur is not shy about sharing his opinions with people, whether it’s about space travel through his SpaceX venture, the coronavirus lockdowns that he threatened to defy in order to get his Tesla factory up and running, or his opinion that human beings are actually living in a simulation.

Recently, Musk shared a rather stunning new opinion on a subject that most people never thought he would broach: the pyramids of Egypt, and what he thinks about who actually built them.

Musk shared the intel in a recent tweet, one that has people talking, including the Egyptian travel ministry and many people across the world who believe in the Ancient Aliens and Ancient Astronaut theories that have become popular in recent years.

Was Elon actually joking, or was he being deadly serious as usual?

That’s for the reader to decide, but now the big question on everyone’s minds is whether Musk will “put his money where his mouth is,” so to speak, and learn more about what’s really going on in Egypt regarding the most breathtaking structures in the world, and who really built them.

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The tweet in question shows just how influential Mr. Musk truly is these days.

In one fell swoop, Musk was able to net himself an international trip, and spark a worldwide debate in the process.

Following the controversial tweet, Egypt’s minister of international cooperation, Rania A. Al Mashat, released a tweet of her own inviting Musk to visit Egypt and the pyramids to explore and learn more about who really built them according to the current mainstream, prevailing archaeological opinion.

“I follow your work with a lot of admiration. I invite you & Space X to explore the writings about how the pyramids were built and also to check out the tombs of the pyramid builders,” she tweeted Saturday according to a report from USA Today. “Mr. Musk, we are waiting for you.”

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Despite the offer, Musk has yet to respond. Glancing at his Twitter account, one can see exactly why: he’s had his hands full with several other space-related projects recently, including a launch on August 4 of SpaceX’s Starship SN5.

The particular craft that was launched looks like something out of a UFOlogist’s dossier of sightings: a simple cigar-shaped craft that looks similar to many sightings that have been described in recent years.

Musk also made an announcement hinting at his own confidence in space travel, despite the alien presence and any possible alien threat out there in the universe: Earth will be a “multi-planetary” species in the coming years, and human beings will put bases on the moon and Mars as well, he said at a recent press conference.

In a video posted to his Twitter on August 3 Musk, the current Chief Engineer and CEO of SpaceX, had the following to say about his ambitious new plans.

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“I think what this heralds really is, fundamentally, a new era in space flight, a new era in space exploration, where we’re going to go to the moon…we’re going to have a base on the moon, we’re going to send people to Mars and make life multi-planetary.

“And I think this day heralds a new day of space exploration…That’s what it’s all about.”

With so much on his plate, it’s understandable why Musk hasn’t responded to Egypt’s invitation.

At the end of the day, history is important, but the future of the human species takes far more precedence: and we may be closing in on a day where humans might come face-to-face with aliens sometime in the near future, rather than just in YouTube videos, television series, and isolated sightings.

Learn more about Musk’s vision in the video below:

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