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5 Body Parts That can Be Used To Tell The Real Age Of a Person.

1.The human Face
Wrinkles on the face are a sign of old age, and anytime you see wrinkles, its old knocking at the door.The younger you are the more adorable you look.

2. Eyelids
When one gets older by age the eyelids begin to stretch compared to their younger ones whereby their eyelids remain intact.

3.The human Hair
This is probably the Common part to identify the real age of samone by looking at their hair from different angles.The older the person gets the hair becomes more grey and the hair on the head also tends to reduce as one gets older.

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4.The Hands
Hands are one of the most exposed body parts and its easy to identifiy whether someone is older or younger by looking at their hands.

The hands of an older person tend to have wrinkles compared to a younger person.

5.The Elbow
The elbow of an older person tend to be dry and samhow folded compared to that of a younger person.

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