Kisii Governor-elect Simba Arati Rejects Sh57M Assumption Of Office Budget, To Use Own Money

Outspoken Kisii Governor-elect Simba Arati has slashed the Sh57 million budget for the assumption of office exercise set to take place on Thursday, 25th August 2022.

Speaking in Kisii on Wednesday, Arati said he doesn’t expect to spend over Sh50 million in a day whereas there are no drugs in hospitals and scarcity of water.

The Governor-elect said he will use his own money from the pocket and put the budgeted resources for other projects within the country.

“How will I spend the 57 million in a day just for a celebration while we have no drugs in hospitals, no water at our homes and stalled health care facilities,” said Arati.

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He added: “I had to cut off this budget because I already have a car, I can’t put this car a side because I need a brand new one, my deputy governor will be using the previous car the outgoing governor was using,” said Simba Arati.

The assumption of office committee had budgeted to buy the governor elect and his deputy brand new cars worthy KSh33 million, Sh7 million for office renovation, Sh6 million to renovate the governor’s residents and Sh10 million to be used for Thursday function.

He said the Sh33 million will be channeled to other serious projects and help the Kisii residents.

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He noted, a donor has already volunteered to renovate his office which he will be using and therefor he ordered the seven million to be slashed off.

“I don’t need a rented house which the outgoing governor has been using, I will wait for the ongoing residential house for the governor to be completed six million will also be cut off and channeled to other projects,” said Arati.

He affirmed his commitment to fulfill the promises he gave to the resident during the campaigns and now he is ready to work.


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