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Fresh Details as ICC Lawyer Gicheru’s Mother Accuse wife behind his mysterious death

Barely a day after the mysterious death of ICC lawyer Paul Gicheru, his mother, Josephine Wambui has broken silence with some damning allegations.

In a video ‘which has since gone’ viral, Gicheru’s mother suspects that the wife might be behind the mysterious death of ICC witness lawyer.

Speaking to the media yesterday, she said they had spoken two days ago and her son did not complain of any underlying health complications.

She highly believes that Gicheru was murdered by his own wife.

“What kind a wife does not inform a mother that her son is dead” she said.

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According to her the wife might even try to stop a postmortem from being conducted on her son.

She has called for all the relevant authorities to intervene and make sure that justice is served and who ever might have killed her son is brought to book.

Gicheru was found dead at his Karen residence with so many questions raised in regards to his untimely death.

Lawyer Paul Gicheru, who died in Nairobi Monday evening was facing six counts of bribery and corruptly inducing witnesses to interfere with justice in a case against President William Ruto and journalist Joshua Arap Sang that was dismissed in 2016.

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He was facing a 30-year jail term should he be found guilty of the charges. He was accused of bribing and intimidating witnesses in the failed International Criminal Court (ICC) case against President William Ruto.

The chamber was yet to pronounce its decision on the conviction or acquittal of Gicheru.


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