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“Alijaribu kunywa sumu,” Singer Ringtone claims Bahati is fighting Depression

Controversial Singer Alex Apoko alias Ringtone has claimed that Kevin Kioko popularly known as Bahati is currently battling depression following election loss.

Speaking during an interview with a local YouTuber, Ringtone intimated that Bahati had tried to take poison urging his fans to pray for him.

“Bahati anapitia depression, Bahati hataki kukubali alipoteza kiti, mara kama mbili Diana amenipigia kuniambia Bahati anataka kukunywa sumu, nikaenda nikamsaidia,”the controversial singer said.

Bahati and his wife have raised concerns after conspicuously missing online for the past few weeks, leaving their followers worried about their whereabouts.

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Diana spoke last after her baby shower, while Bahati stopped posting after his failed attempt for the Mathare parliamentary seat.
Bahati who used to post updates about his life on social media raised eyebrows among his fans and followers after deleting more than 1000 posts on his profile

The musician made the unexpected move on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, without providing any reason, prompting his fans to make assumptions.

Since the move, fans worry that they might be in real trouble while others think that these two might be clout chasing in preparation for a new song.

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“Unajua Bahati ni mtoto wa Diana, amekuwa na kazi mingi ya kumsaidia, Bahati ako depressed lakini najua atatoboa.” Ringtone said.

He added: “Ambieni Bahati wakenya hawakuwa wanampenda kwa sababu ya siasa, wanampenda kwa sababu ya muziki, aendelee kurelease muziki.”


During an interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai Ringtone also claimed that Bahati who was vying for the Mathare Constituency has been busy preparing to release new music.

“We know that he has an EP which he is planning to release soon. He was anticipating to release it on October 28 but he did not so we expect him to release it on October 30 or on October 1, ” Ringtone said.

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“I would have told you the names of the songs in the EP but I cannot mention names of secular songs, He said. So pray for Bahati to agree to the results of the elections and continue with his musical career,” Ringtone added.


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