Akon – France depends on Africa to survive.


The American born Senegalese R&B and hip hop star Akon has launched a scathing attack on European giants France.

In an interview with Ebro, he defended his business relationship with the Chinese and accused France of exploiting African nations.

“To be honest I seen nothing wrong with the Chinese, I have been working with them for 7 years now but they have never tried to take advantage of anything. They make it clear to you, it’s this for that and that’s it, unlike France who’d take and never give anything back. They have been here for three to four hundred years but nothing to show for it, no development of any sort”, he said.

Akon has been working on so many projects for Africa since his retirement from active music production and singing. He has managed to establish in some African countries solar energy power with the help of loans from Chinese companies.

The US and Europe do not know the true value of Africa, the US focuses more on the Middle-East, but France is still dependent on it’s African colonies to survive; 90% of French revenue comes from Africa, that’s why they’re still hanging on to these countries”, he said.

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During the interview, Akon announced that he was going to get back to music with four albums to be released in almost the same time, he had previously only released three albums.

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