ANNA ZAMBI: Girl who learnt that her Family Died in a Car Crash 22 days Later.


Anna Zambi was waiting for her parents and siblings to visit her in school for prayer day ahead of final secondary school examinations.

Little did she know that this would not be; she never saw her family that day.

That was October 26.

It was not until almost a month later, when she finished her national exams, that she came to learn that her entire family had perished in an accident.

Their car had been swept away in flash floods in Handeni District, Tanga Region, Tanzania.

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They had been travelling from Dar es Salaam to Kilimanjaro when the accident occurred.

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So tragic was the incident, that the family members chose not to tell her about it.

According to The Citizen, they wanted her to finish her exams in peace.

When she finished the exams, she travelled back home to be with her family and that is when she learnt what had happened.

She was shown the graves of her parents: Lingiston Zambi, Winifrida Lymo and three siblings: Lulu, Grace and Andrew.

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