Busali Ward in Vihiga County on the Take-off, Thanks to Hon. Analo


Busali Ward remains one of the fastest developing wards in Vihiga County thanks to the efforts of Hon. Gladys Analo.

When she was elected in the 2017 polls, there were scarcely any hints of the tumultuous progress that would follow the swearing-in of Hon. Gladys Analo, who is the only elected female MCA in the Vihiga County Assembly that comprises of 25 elected MCAs.

While things seem to have stalled in most of the other wards, Busali is on track to realizing most of the projects captured in the County Integrated Development Plan, in part because of the willingness by the MCA to lead by example, and in part because of her determination to get the job done by operating outside of official structures.

During her campaign in the 2017 election, one of the key promises Hon. Analo made was to promote Agriculture, education and boost general transport links in Busali through improved infrastructure. And to this end, she has so far made substantive progress in the last two years she has been in the driving seat.

Education Sector.

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Education remains central to any developing society as it reduces poverty levels, boosts economic growth and increases income. However, achieving the desired results has been a challenge based on the poor infrastructures and poverty levels that have made it impossible for parents to see their children go through school successfully.

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Through the Bursary Kitty, however, Hon. Analo has been able to see 980 students benefit from the 4.5 Million that was allocated to the ward by the County government.

She has also seen the construction of several ECDE classes with the one at Busweta complete, while Mwiriza, Bugina, Chavogere and Kivuye are almost complete.  Material for the construction of the one at Chamakanga primary is already on site awaiting groundbreaking.

Agriculture Sector

Busali Ward and to an extension Vihiga County is largely a rural economy that majorly depends on agricultural activities. For that matter, the growth of the sector is important for alleviation of poverty and stimulation of economic growth and development.

Besides the major interventions that the county government is putting in place to promote traditional crops like Tea & Coffee, Hon. Analo is focused on modern methods of farming that are likely to improve on the returns from the sector.

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So far, three green houses have been delivered at Lotego Polytechnic with 6 students, 3 teachers and an agricultural officer being sent to Amiran training in Nairobi for the greenhouse’s project.

She has also awarded 3 cows to three groups from the ward as she looks forward to encouraging locals to engage in modern dairy farming. The groups also received 200 modern chicks on top of the cows.

Transport Sector

One of the greatest challenges of rural economies is the poor status of link roads. However, residents of Busali ward have every reason to smile as their MCA has also put this on the priority list. Most feeder roads in the ward are at an awarding stage with Chavogere – Maganyi one almost complete. Street lights which are also at awarding stage will also be put up.

The Boda Boda operators haven’t been left out either with shades being erected at Chamakanga, luzu chavogere and Bugina.

Water Sector.

Clean water is something everyone yearns for and Busali ward is no exception. With most homestead not connected to piped water, the residents here largely depend on spring waters.  To aid this, Hon. Analo is working on rehabilitating water springs in the ward and so far 10 have been attended too.

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Health Sector.

For everything else to function, then we definitely need a healthy society. To this end, the MCA is working on rehabilitating Maternity wing, a process that currently at the awarding stages.

This plus many other projects that the MCA has on the waiting list, the people of Busali can only expect greater things going forward.

This plus many other projects that the MCA has on the waiting list, the people of Busali can only expect greater things going forward.

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