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WordPress is a favorite blogging tool of mine and I share tips and tricks for using WordPress here.

How to Set Smarter Resolutions for 2020

​With New Year’s Eve coming quickly and the end of the decade drawing nearer, it’s important to take a step back and analyze where we’ve come from and where we want to go. Essentially, it’s resolution making time. The general consensus…

4 Tips to protect your baby from pneumonia

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), pneumonia accounts for 15% deaths of children under the age of five years. Pneumonia is a respiratory infection that affects the lungs, filling the air sacs with pus and fluid. Although…

Things you DON’T KNOW about HIV

We have just celebrated World Aids Day and there are still people all over the world who still don’t have the right information about HIV/AIDS, which has taken so many lives in the past 60 years. There are many myths and misinformation…