Ghanaian Nurse Caught Red-handed Caressing Patient’s Manhood


A young Ghanaian Nurse identified as Esi was caught playing and caressing the p*nis of a patient admitted to a private hospital (name withheld) in Accra.

Nurse Esi who in the course of discharging her duties by attending to a patient decided to fondle and caress the patient’s manhood when she thought no one was watching.

Information gathered by indicated that Nurse Esi has had a crush on the patient the first day he was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

She even confided in some of her colleague nurses who later set up her and captured her playing with the manhood of the patient on cameras on that fateful day.

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According to her colleague nurses, Esi during her night shift went in to attend to the patient but the unexpected happened.

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“We’ve always known that Esi was attracted to the patient and she jokily confessed that to us the first day the man was rushed to the hospital. On that fateful day, Esi was on night shift so we decided to hang around and see what will happen. In the course of discharging her duties, she started to play with his manhood.” – The nurses revealed

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Management of the hospital is yet to comment on the sad issue.


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