“Githeri Man in risky health state,calls for immediate help,”Drug Councilor


Drug addiction counselor and police officer Moses Kimenchu has asked the public to help Martin Kamotho, popularly known as Githeri Man overcome a dangerous alcoholism stage he is battling.

Kemenchu who visited the man at his Kayole home said his health had deteriorated and he needed urgent medication and rehabilitation.

Speaking to TUKO.co.ke on Thursday, August 29, the counselor said Githeri Man, who received a Head of State Commendation (HSC) in 2017, was battling stage five of drug addiction.

“He is in stage five of addiction which we refer to as the habitual stage, this means he needs urgent attention because if he is allowed to move to stage six, compulsive stage, it will be very difficult,” said Kimenchu

Githeri Man who in 2018 graduated from a rehabilitation centre in Kiambu immediately went back to drinking. Kimenchu, who also received a HSC in 2016 for his exemplary service to the public particularly through his mentorship and rehabilitation programs, said the man backslide into alcoholism because there was no follow up after completing the program.

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Police Sgt Moses Kimenchu met with Mr Martin Kamotho alias Githeri Man in Kayole, Nairobi. The officer says Mr Kamotho needs urgent rehabilitation as he has relapsed to alcohol drinking even after attending a rehab programme in Kiambu.

The counselor has since offered to take care of the distressed man and is planning to admit him into a rehab under his own tutelage. “I have invited him to come in my office in Murang’a alongside his wife so that I can help him come out of the mess. I have a mentorship and rehabilitation programs that I will enroll him to. I have helped many people and none of them has ever looked back,” said the police officer.

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According to Kimenchu, leaving Githeri Man to go back to the same environment, interact with same people and be in contact with the very things he used to see around dragged him back despite undergoing a ‘successfully’ rehabilitation training.

“He needs a proper vocational training centre where he will be involved in development- oriented activities. He ca be involved in organising events, giving motivational talks, taking up church roles and so on,” advised the counselor

He urged well-wishers to partner with him and help Kamotho and many other young Kenyans recover from such persistent addictions.

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Githeri man rose to fame in 2017 when he was captured carrying githeri in a transparent polythene bag as he patiently waited to vote in a long winding queue. The photo earned him HSC from President Uhuru Kenyatta, immediately turning him into a brand ambassador with many companies seeking his service for advertisement purposes.

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