‘I am making sure that Rwanda’s Economic Growth Benefit the Masses and not only a Privileged Few,’-Paul Kagame


According to President Paul Kagame, the Rwandan economy grew by 8.6% in 2018 and this was as a result of efforts and contributions by all citizens, hence, he is making sure that everyone in the country benefits from this progress.

Speaking at RPF Bureau Politique 2019, the President stressed that it will not be right for only a few people to enjoy the benefits that have come from the collective efforts of the Rwandan people.

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“Last year, the economy of our country grew by 8.6%. Elsewhere, this means that the growth only benefits a few people, but in our case, this resulted from the contribution of the majority and it benefiting the majority.”

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“I have pledged to you that I will not sit for you to suffer while some few people enjoy your suffering; Rwanda belongs to all of us and together we shall build it and continue to make it greater” he added.

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President Paul Kagame
President Paul Kagame

Giving details of the current economic performance of the country, Kagame noted that in the first quarter of 2019, there was growth of 8.4%, whereas the second quarter was 12.2%.

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Accordingly, he reminded his people that this shows what is possible when they come together with determinations to build the country. “… It also shows us that sometimes we stand in our own way and do not achieve what we are capable of. We are not only capable of achieving more but we need to reach these goals.”

Rwanda needs to develop, we need jobs for our youth and others; we need infrastructure, agriculture and food security and selling to the domestic market and beyond.”  All these must be done by us and not to be done for us by anybody from elsewhere.

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