Kaligraph Jones reveals How Ex-Girlfriend Committed Suicide After contracting HIV-AIDS


Kenya’s King of HipHop Khaligraph Jones has revealed that his ex-girlfriend committed suicide after she discovered she had contracted HIV/AIDS.

Before settling down with his baby mama Georgina, Khaligraph had a fairly bumpy love life. While Khaligraph has never shied away from talking about his past struggles, this new revelation has shocked many of his fans.

According to a video from the series of real-life inspired stories he has been rapping about, the OG opened up on the traumatic experience that he has never shared with anyone.

“I’m about to tell you a story that I’ve never shared, I’ve always kept it to myself,” he started.

In the video titled ‘The Ruby Story’, Khaligraph gets candid and shows the world his vulnerability.

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Her name was Ruby Jezebel, aka Empress, Queen of Golgotha. Khaligraph revealed that she was originally from Nakuru but when she got to Nairobi, she settled in Buruburu where they met.

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“This gotta be the hottest girl I’ve ever seen,” Khaligraph thought the first time he saw her.

Despite the fact that Khaligrah was still in high school and younger than her, they made it work. She was a devoted Christian and a college student.

After school, Khaligraph reveals that Ruby was earning more than him. While he was a part-time bouncer, rapper and waiter, Ruby was working front-desk in Westlands.

“She was the best thing that happened in my life. We were young but I felt that she was my potential wife.” Khaligraph sang.

This was until things started going South.

“Ruby akawacha kuenda church. Ruby akaanza kuwa strange. Ruby anaonekana Westy, amebebwa ndani ya Range,” Khaligraph rapped.

Khaligraph revealed that in two months, Ruby was blocking her calls. She then moved from Buruburu to the leafy suburbs of Lavington. She left him heartbroken while she lived large on sponsor’s money.

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Three years later, Ruby failed to show up for a meeting she had asked from him. He thought she had just stood him up but later found out she had committed suicide from Facebook.

“Ruby committed suicide on the same exact day we were meant to meet. This is after finding out she had contracted HIV/AIDS.” Khaligraph said.

Check out the confession video below:

Courtesy: DailyActive.Info

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