Kenyan man narrates how he miraculously won battle against cancer


A Kenyan man, identified as Levi Kones has warm up the internet with miraculous revelation on how he has won the battle against the suspected cancer epidemic.

Below is his narration :

“Do you believe in miracles?
That was a question I asked my surgeon when I first met him a little over a year ago.
He went on to tell me two stories of miraculous (unexplainable to man) happenings in his field that convinced me he was the right guy to cut me open.
The Sunday before we left for India my Pastor posed this very question to those who had gathered at my house for prayers for our trip.

Asking it is one thing. It’s easy to say yes.
Many of us quickly do.
Truly having faith it will(not can)happen is another.
But when it does happen its an amazingly beautiful experience.
So I had given here the history of what had happened post chemo and why we had elected to come to India and what we were to do here.
Last Sunday I told you about how we left Kenya and the hurdles we went over before we arrived here and even thought I’d be quiet for a while.

Well..I’ve had to break my silence.

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I checked into Fortis Hospital Gurgaon this past Monday.
Got admitted,had some bloodwork done, gave a full history of my journey with cancer, complete with all my scans and doctors reports and they immediately scheduled me for a PET CT scan on Wed.
By the way the first miracle happened right there.
We had indicated we would need a single basic room so my wife could sleep there with me(they provide an attendants bed).
At the admition counter they indicated they had run out of that standard room and then proceeded to give me a super deluxe VIP room at no extra charge and said they would switch us back when the standard rooms were available(which never happened in the almost 4 days we were there)..
But they assured us that they would charge standard and we were in shock for the next couple of days (coz the room and the way we were treated was on another level) but really that should have been our first indicator that something good was brewing.

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I was prepped for and had that PET scan(which is about 50 mins of mental torture much more than an MRI) and was then immediately prepped for a colonoscopy on Thursday.
So Thursday morning came and I went into the Colonoscopy with a bit of anxiety.(faith it would go well but also worry about many things).
Infact the night before I was really shivering after the PET coz I had reacted to the fluids I had been given for it.
I go in and the doctors are mostly speaking in a language I don’t understand as they strap me in for this procedure. I remember silently whispering to God that it was unfortunate I had to end up on a table relying on people who’s tongue I did not even understand.
When the doctor told me….”breathe in, sleep,I understood that perfectly and knew it was “lights out” time, tried to hold on but couldn’t escape the black tunnel I entered into and the procedure was done.
I awoke to the beeping of machines and was given sometime to regain my bearings in the recovery room and was then to be pushed on a wheelchair back up to my room.

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But before that happened several Doctors came in and one said the following words.
“We have your PET CT Scan results here and your colonoscopy results,We have looked at the ones you brought with you from your country”.
“We are quite surprised because we have seen nothing like polyps or diverticulitis in your colon as indicated on your reports”.
You have an absolutely normal colon and your PET CT scan shows you had a previous surgery as you had said but other than that you have no cancer at all in anywhere in your body”.
“We’re going to discharge you and put you on some medication for your neuropathy because of your previous chemotherapy effects and some acidity tabs due to the colonoscopy we just did, and a muscle relaxant for your trigger finger issues”.
“As a result, we have shelved the scheduled polypectomy we were to do”.
“But go home, eat right and do a routine check in a year”.
I can’t begin to describe to you how I felt……
All I know is that I did not use that wheelchair going back to that room to tell my wife.
My sister Faith who is wife to our Ambassador here had come to visit just in time to receive this amazing report as well.

It’s been such an emotional,physical and mental roller coaster journey for myself and my loved ones since April 5th 2018 when I first heard the words ” You have cancer”.
And it has come to an end in a foreign land and with the Hand of a God who knows no boundaries and can use any person to do accomplish His world.
I give Him all the glory.
It was a truly heaven ordained idea to come here.
I am learning much more than I thought I knew about the treatment and management of cancer.

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Many many thanks to all of you who have supported, encouraged and prayed with and for us all through.
We’re going to use the few days left here to do a visitation ministry to our brothers and sisters who are waging this war in the hospitals in Delhi and it’s surroundings.
If you have a loved one who is here let us know.
We must tell about and introduce them to this God who has done this great and mighty deed.

Psalms 118.23
The Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes.

I have officially discarded the “Aluta Continua” phrase.
I firmly believe now…
The Battle is won.

Blessed Sunday.

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