Kenyans want “Jesus” Arrested.


Some people in Kenya claimed to have seen Jesus and they are rejoicing.

A Kenyan pastor claimed to have found him walking on the streets in the small Kenyan town of Kitengela and invited him to his church.

A video of the so-called Jesus swaying to the music with congregants left many people shocked.

The video shows a man, dressed in biblical robes, dancing and having fun. The pastor allegedly told his congregants that this Jesus had returned and had landed in Africa first.

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However, some African Pastors and people say this was wrong.

South Africa Pastor, Sokhulu Mhlongo said: “People have done all sorts of fake miracles and failed to convince people.

“What is wrong with our religious leaders? Are they even religious leaders or just thugs trying to make money?”

Gogo Cynthia Dlamini (84) told Daily Sunwhen Jesus comes everyone will see him. “That’s how his greatness will be. This Jesus they are talking about is just a joke,” she said.

On Twitter, Panashe Mushore said: “It is heartbreaking that Jesus was in Africa in the flesh. He even preached on Sunday but nothing changed.”

Mxo Mabaso said: “I want to see him and ask him for the Lotto numbers.”

On Daily Sun’s Facebook page, SunReaders did not approve of the gwara gwara dancing Jesus.

Mandy Zulu said: “Please arrest both the so-called Jesus and the pastor.”

Haras Mzilikazi said: “People must read God’s word and be set free from the lies.”


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