Kimwarer Residents File Petition to President Uhuru to Reinstate Dam Project


Residents of Keiyo South in Elgeyo Marakwet County have filed a petition to President Uhuru to revoke his decision to cancel Kimwarer dam Project.

To the effect of this, they have started collecting signatures to petition Uhuru’s decision on the corruption riddled dam.

According to residents, the dam construction was a noble idea considering they come from an arid area where their hopes for clean water laid on the dam

“As a result of Keiyo being arid and semi-arid lands due to the scarcity of water, this project comes in timely in support of the families in the area,” one of the residents said.

They also insisted that the technical team advised the president wrongly claiming they did not visit the area and did not meet any of the residents of Kimwarer or Arror.

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Through their leaders, they insisted that cancelling Kimwarer and allowing construction of Arror dam would be construed as driving a clear wedge among the residents between the two historically twin county.

Bundotich Zedekiah, a former aspirant of Uasin Gishu Governorship, urged the President that if the cancellation of the project was due to corruption by few individuals, they should be dealt with appropriately and individually to allow for the construction of the dam to continue.


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