Over 30 Ugandan students arrested, 50 hospitalised during fight over girlfriend

The students were involved in a fight that broke out between Mbale Secondary school and Mbale High school over a botched love affair

A student of Mbale Secondary School attending to a friend who had been admitted at Joy Hospice hospital in Mbale Town. PHOTO BY Daily Monitor

At least 50 students in Mbale Municipality have been hospitalized after they inhaled teargas.

According to Daily Monitor,The students were involved in a fight that broke out between Mbale Secondary school and Mbale High school over a botched love affair.

It is alleged that during the fracas, police fired teargas canisters into Mbale S.S compound, leaving students and teachers scampering for safety.

The injured students have been admitted at Mbale referral hospital, Joy Hospice, Viena Clinic, Mbale general clinic, among others.


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One of the students admitted at Mbale referral hospital says the fight started after a student of Mbale SS attacked a student of Mbale high school, accusing him of falling in love with his long-time girlfriend.

The Elgon region police Spokesperson, Mr Robert Tukei confirmed the incident but dismissed the allegations that students were hospitalised because of inhaling teargas.

“The police only responded to stop the fight, which had broken out. If some of them were injured, they were injured during the fight not necessarily inhaling teargas,” he said.

Tukei, however, said over 30 students from respective schools have been arrested over inciting violence.

“I can confirm that 30 have been arrested over inciting violence and they will be charged accordingly,” he said.

The suspects are currently detained at Mbale central police station.

He said they have started investigation to find out the root cause of the fight.

Mr Stephen Wambalo, the head teacher Mbale High School, said the admitted students inhaled teargas, which left them unconscious before they collapsed.

“When police intervened, it fired teargas, which left many of students screaming for help as they were choking,” he said.

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