Peace brings development projects to Turkana and West Pokot


The prevailing peace along the border of West Pokot – Turkana border has led to numerous development projects being initiated by both the County governments and the Constituency Development Funds[CDF].

The area has been experiencing relative peace for the last three years.

One Constituency which borders the Turkana south is Kacheliba which has initiated projects that has seen it being a success due to the prevailing of peace and coexistence of the two communities at the border point.

The Kacheliba CDF has initiated schools at Nauyapong and Kases areas along the borders of the two counties and the projects have become fruitful as schools are now full and the uptake of children attending schools overwhelming.

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Kacheliba Member of Parliament Mr Mark Lomunokol attributes the success of the projects to the peace that is being witnessed in the region which has been volatile for decades and it is now experiencing a new wave of peaceful interaction from both the Turkana and the Pokot communities.

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