REVEALED:Details of Tob Cohen’s frantic call on the night he was murdered [Video]


Murdered billionaire Tob Cohen reached out to close friends on the night he was murdered, expressing fear for his life with former Gatundu MP Patrick Muiruri stating that Cohen had made it clear that should he disappear, then his wife Sarah should be held responsible.

Speaking to the press shortly after Cohen’s body was retrieved from a tank at his Kitusuru home, an emotional Muiruri recounted his last conversation with Cohen moments before his gruesome murder.

Muiruri disclosed that as soon as he received news on Cohen’s disappearance, he “was reminded of what he told me that in case of anything, my disappearance or my body being found anywhere, Sarah is responsible”.


“On the night he was murdered I talked to him for 15 minutes. He was very concerned about his life.” He added.

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He also recounted the mistreatment and embarrassment that Cohen had to go through at the hands of Sara before his eventual murder.

In one instance during the wedding of Sarah’s daughter who Cohen had adopted, the hostility between the two surfaced when Sarah seized the microphone from the deceased just as he was about to address the guests who had attended the wedding in Kitusuru.

Police carry away Cohen’s body which was retrieved from an underground water storage tank

Sarah dismissed the deceased, telling guests that he was not wanted at the event and making it clear that he (Cohen) does not own the home.

According to the former lawmaker, this was just one of the many mistreatment Cohen had to go through at the hands of people he supported and gave the best in life.

Below is the video of Muiruri making the remarks.


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