REVEALED:South Africa divers blast KDF for taking undue credit:Likoni Tragedy


Politics have surrounded recovery of the two people who plunged into Indian Ocean a week ago, with Kenya Defense Forces being dragged into the controversy.

The bodies of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu are yet to be retrieved, over two days after their vehicle was spotted in Likoni channel.

On Wednesday, government spokesperson Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna claimed that the bodies were spotted by Kenya Navy divers, statements which may have angered private divers.

“We have been having a government multi-agency which involves Kenya Navy, Kenya Ferry Services among others. The entire team is led by Kenya Navy under Col Lawrence Gituma.

“Those who were leading and had divers were Kenya Navy. Some helped us with cameras but it’s Kenya Navy that spotted the vehicle. We are not saying that others didn’t contribute but without divers, we wouldn’t have made the progress,” he said.

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Despite his claims, South Africa divers who were hired by the family with the help of Governor Hassan Joho, are said to have accused KDF of insincerity.

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The divers, who left the country on Wednesday, insisted that they are the ones who spotted the vehicle. Their claims were corroborated by the family, led by John Wambua.

Mr Wambua also informed The Standard that the South Africans left on Wednesday evening.

“The South African divers we hired left the country on Wednesday at 4pm after completing their task which was to locate the car,” he said.

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Recovery efforts were temporarily stopped on Thursday, with Oguna saying that it was due to strong under water current. He said that the exercise would continue on Friday.

“We also want to avoid by all means risking lives of our divers down there because of strong currents underneath,” said Mr Oguna, as he also warned journalists not to take close-up photographs of the operations.

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