REVEALED:The Time Raila Wanted Orengo Charged With Treason


In 2000 Raila Odinga asked then-President Daniel Arap Moi to charge Muungano Wa Mageuzi leaders, a party founded by James Orengo, with treason.

Raila made the remarks during Jamuhuri Day Celebrations after Mageuzi leaders criticized President Moi for his style of leadership.

Leaders from around the country, however, criticised Raila for his utterances which were termed as reckless and taking the country back to its dark days.

Raila, who was the National Development Party (NDP) leader, dismissed the claims and maintained that he had been quoted out of context by the media.

In 2000 the movement reportedly held rallies asking Kenyans to oppose President Moi’s “dictatorship” and “insist on a new constitution before the 2002 general election”.

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Led by Orengo, Mageuzi came into existence towards the end of 2000 with the aim of agitating for political change through extra-parliamentary means, mass rallies and civil disobedience.

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Kenyans expressed concern over police violence meted out to members and supporters of Muungano wa Mageuzi in rallies and pledged to take decisive action to tame the police state.

Orengo and other leaders of Mageuzi party received severe injuries during their arrest and he was later charged with ‘taking part in an unlawful assembly’.

Several sources reported that the founder, supporters, and journalists covering Muungano wa Mageuzi’s rallies had been objects of harassment and intimidation by the government.

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The Senior Counsel’s Party was later divided over the move to forge an electoral alliance with the Social Democratic Party (SDP).


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