REVEALED:Why Men Should Avoid Ladies With Long Index Finger


When a woman is caught cheating on her man, in most cases the matter ends in separation because most men can’t get over the idea of another man with their woman.

If you’ve ever been cheated on, you know that it feels pretty awful but some ladies cheat without their knowledge because of the nature of their body parts.

Men if you are not ready to handle heartbreak, first check the size of her index finger before getting into a relationship.

Scientists have revealed that women with long index fingers are more likely to have an extramarital affair.


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The longer index finger has been linked to being exposed to higher levels of female sex hormones in the womb.

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According to the research conducted by Eiluned Pearce of Oxford University, the finger size is associated with women’s dissatisfaction with current partners and this might lead to them sleeping around with men who are not their husband or partner.

The chart indicated that the index finger of non-straight women was typically around 90 to 100 percent as long as the ring finger.

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The study also revealed that being exposed to more estrogen in the womb leads to women’s index fingers growing longer than their ring fingers, while more testosterone has a “masculinizing effect”, resulting in longer ring fingers.

If this study is anything to go by, it seems like cheating is inborn and it can also be inherited.

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