Sonko responds to claims of impregnating 19-year-old K.U student, offers Ksh 5 million


Niairobi Governor Mike Sonko has come out guns blazing to address allegations that he impregnated a 19 year old Kenyatta University student.

A publication on a local website alleged that the governor impregnated Dorah Ngui when the two were drunk.

Sonko dismissed the allegations as fake news meant to divert his attention and further established that the character-Dorah Ngui is none existent.

“I wish to state that the story is fake and cooked just to divert my attention from serving the great people of Nairobi.

“I have just established Dorah Ngui is a non-existent student who cannot even be traced from all social media platforms and immediately I started thorough investigations about the blog the story was hurriedly pulled down. One of the suspects behind the fake story is being pursued.” Sonko stated.

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A screenshot shared by Governor Mike Sonko
A screenshot shared by Governor Mike Sonko

Sonko revealed that a suspect behind the blog is currently being pursued, adding that this is the latest in a series pf malicious allegations to soil his name.

“Kwanza ilikuwa HIV+, then ikaja Sonkos millitia and defence force sasa ni the fake Pregnancy story. Habari ndio hio.” Sonko wrote.

The Nairobi County boss revealed that he is offering Ksh 5 Million to the person who wrote the story if he produces the 19 year old student he allegedly impregnated.

“I further wish to state that I am offering the guy who wrote this fake story Ksh. 5 Million to produce this 19 year old girl he says I impregnated.”Sonko added.

The governor asserted that he respects himself as father and grand-father, stating that he does not mess around with students and under 20s.

Governor Mike Sonko with his wife Primrose Mbuvi and daughter Saumu
Governor Mike Sonko with his wife Primrose Mbuvi and daughter Saumu

“As a father and grandfather of grown-ups and underage girls some of who are also students, I am a man who respects himself and don’t mess around with students and under 20s. I do not date small girls and those who know me well will tell you that I prefer well endowed, well rounded, curvy, 3D, plus size beautiful divas like the First Lady of Nairobi.” Sonko slamed.

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