“Stay here, let us build Africa together,”Kagame tells enslaved Libya returnees


Rwandan President, Paul Kagame has appeal to those African refugees who have found home in Rwanda after long enslavement in Libya to stay within the laws of his country so they can contribute to the development of Africa.

Returnees receiving orientation in Rwanda

According to The Peoples News Africa ,Mr Kagame assured these refugees of his desire to create the needed environment and avenues for them to develop their potentials and achieve their dreams these refugees for the first time since they arrived in the country.


“I requested that you are to be brought here because I know that you are all very important to the African development agenda and it is only when you contribute your quota then that Africa can develop,”Mr Kagame lamented.

“No matter where you are from, you are all children of African and the entire continent has a duty to provide safety and future for you” –he added.

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The joy of being freed from slavery

Kagame further stressed that, there is no need for the African youth to put himself away for exploitation in search for opportunities elsewhere when greater opportunities can be created for them here in Africa.

“You must know that, you are Africans and there is no home for you except in Africa. …Put up mind-sets that we can together build Africa for ourselves because here is our only home” he said

In his announcement, the noble leader noted that, an empowerment programme has already been designed to offer skill training in various forms to these youth so they can live meaningful lives

Read the original article on The Peoples News Africa.

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