Trending: Malawian Couple Rides Motorbike On Wedding Day



A Zomba couple is trending on social media after riding a motorbike to get married at the Zomba District Commissioner’s office.

The two identified as Rita and Kondwani registered their marriage at the DC’s office on Wednesday, 25th September 2019.

A picture of the couple riding a motorbike while in their wedding attire has been shared widely on social media.

“[It is] a good example to young people that even with a small budget, they can still get married,” the Zomba City Council wrote on its Facebook page.

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Facebook users commenting on the page agreed, saying not all weddings should have a big budget.

“Greatest gift of all is the love in the marriage and not the fancy wedding with no peace. Congrats and wish u all the best of luck in life,” said one commenter.

“I experienced this and it was surprisingly unique and beautiful I mean everyone stopped and stared at the couple in admiration…it was amazing,” added another.

While a user named Mphunzitsi Msambitsi said: “This is great Rita. You have set an example to many young people.”

One commenter noted that many couples would love to have similar weddings but they are pressurized by their families into organizing expensive weddings.



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