UN Organisation Blamed for Mnangagwa’s Address to Empty Seats


Vice president in the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, Obert Gutu, says the West are to blame for the empty seats seen during the UN General Assembly address by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Vice president in the opposition, Movement for democratic Change (MDC) led by Thokozani Khupe, Obert Gutu has jumped to the defense of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s United Nations General Assembly address which has become a point of debate.

This follows images of Mnangagwa addressing empty seats at the UNGA last night went viral on social media.

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Gutu, who left the the opposition MDC, led by Nelson Chamisa in a huff following the death of party founder, Morgan Tsvangirai defended the ZANU PF leader calling for the re-organisation of the UNGA sessions.

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He accused the west of taking prime slots while giving African leaders night slots when most delegates would have gone to rest.

“United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) sessions need to be urgently re-organized. I’m in the United States right now & I noticed that African leaders are never given prime time slots for their presentations. US President Donald Trump made his presentation early morning, Tuesday,” wrote Gutu on his Twitter handle.

The tragedy did not not befall Mnangagwa only as most African leaders including Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Edgar Lungu of Zambia and many others also addressed empty seats at the ongoing summit.

Since leaving the other MDC, Gutu has been defending and sympathizing with ZANU Pf on Twitter. Recently, he tweeted in support of the Ant-sanctions campaign being spearheaded by the ZANU PF party.

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“Certain folks argue that there are no sanctions against Zimbabwe, just travel restrictions. This is false. ZIDERA is real. Under ZIDERA, any American company that does any business transactions with a Zimbabwean company shall be prosecuted,” wrote Gutu.

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