US, UK Issue Travel Advisory Against Tanzania Over ‘Probable Ebola-Related death’


The United States of America(US) and United Kingdom(UK) have issued travel advisories against Tanzania warning their citizens in the country or planning to visit,  to take extra caution after, “probable Ebola-related death.”

“Visitors to the region should be aware that on August 1, 2018, an outbreak of Ebola was confirmed in eastern DRC in North Kivu Province, originating in Béni territory.

A person has died in Tanzania in September 2019. It appears probable that this is an Ebola-related death,” UK Foreign office said in a statement on Tuesday.

The US went a step further to name specific regions that their citizens should avoid following reports regarding the unexplained death of a person two days earlier from probable Ebola in the East African nation.

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“This individual reportedly travelled around the country while ill, including to the cities of Songea, Njombe, and Mbeya,” US Deparment of State said in a statement.

The two countries advised their citizens to look up for more information regarding the same on the World Health Organization website(WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control(CDC).

Aknowledging the same, CDC, said it was working closely with international public health partners, including the Tanzania Ministry of Health and WHO, to monitor the situation and would provide updates as needed.

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“The ongoing risks from this event are unknown, but at this time and based on the available information (which is incomplete), no travel restrictions to Tanzania are indicated, ” the CDC advised.

According to WHO on September 11, through its regular event-based surveillance process, WHO was made aware of unofficial reports that a test performed at the Tanzanian National Health Laboratory was positive for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) for the patient who died.

A day later it also claimed a 27-year-old patient suspected of EVD was admitted in a hospital of Dar es Salaam without further information regarding laboratory tests and results.

However, lack of cooperation and bureaucracy could not make the organisation make a comprehensive recommendation on the same, “despite several requests, WHO did not receive further details of any of these cases from Tanzanian authorities.”

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