Use Banana Stems for Organic Farming: Innovations in Agriculture


By Muqbil Ahmar

Organic farming is gaining ground every day. People have come up with an innovative idea in rural agriculture development that can help for attaining both the objectives of organic food as well as provide irrigation for farmers: Using banana tree trunks for the purpose of growing veggies even when the dry season is on.

In fact, banana stems have been known for a long period of time, even to farmers for having a good water retention capacity. No wonder, a few farmers have gone ahead to use the banana stems for planting short root crops inside the stems.

Banana Tree Trunks known for Water Retention: Innovations in Organic Farming

This is achieved through digging small holes in the banana stem with the help of a sharp object like a knife. Add a little soil and feel free to plant as required. These primarily allow plant growth even when dry periods are on without the use of proper irrigation facilities. Such kind of planting is also known for helping in minimizing space as well as resources. This is also affordable because banana stems are easily available to farmers and they can be excellent devices for organic farming, particularly when there is scarcity of space.

Learn the tricks of Organic Farming for better crops yields as well as safe agricultural products.

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Due to the water retention capacity, there is one more way in which they can be used beneficially: banana stems after they are rotten can be used as fertilizers and manures. Such an innovation also works while they are being used even in plantation crops. It is, however, important to chop these into small pieces before they are used as a fertilizer. This helps to ensure that they do not become a hiding place for insects.

The wonderful concept can go a long way in ensuring rural independence and can cut away at farmers’ over reliance on monsoons for water.

SOURCE :Green Ubuntu

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