Why DP Ruto should quit government and form an opposition


He is clearly not getting the support of the President, and the country is in need of a working opposition
In Summary
• The handshake between President Uhuru and Raila brought not only peace but confusion on who will succeed Uhuru, who is opposition.
• DP should form an opposition and also save his name and political career before it is destroyed.

Deputy President William Ruto should resign from the government early enough before he’s given ‘a bad name and hanged’.

He should not cling on to a government where he’s clearly unwanted by his boss. Ruto should just tender his resignation before it’s too late for him. He should step down and form a credible opposition the country badly needs.

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An opposition is important because it keeps the government in check and leaders accountable for their actions.

The handshake changed this whole setting as now the main opposition is working together with the government for the sake of peace.

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It brought tranquillity when there was political tension but now Kenyans are confused on the structure of leadership and earlier deals between Uhuru and his deputy.

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